Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cell [Review]


368 Pages [Hardcover edition]
Published 24 Jan 2006

In Cell King taps into readers fears of technological warfare and terrorism. Mobile phones deliver the apocalypse to millions of unsuspecting humans by wiping their brains of any humanity, leaving only aggressive and destructive impulses behind. Those without cell phones, like illustrator Clayton Riddell and his small band of "normies," must fight for survival, and their journey to find Clayton's estranged wife and young son rockets the book toward resolution.

My Thoughts:
This book happened to be two firsts for me. 1) My first Stephen King novel; and 2) My first audio book.

Now as far as audio books go, it was alright. I had the Kindle version also pulled up so I could keep track of how far through the book I was. Turns out I read faster than the narrator reads, so I think I will stick to actually reading books for now.

As far as Stephen King, BLECH! How does he have such a huge fan base? I mean I've seen a couple movies based on his books: Carrie, It, The Green Mile, and they were all good stories, but his actual writing?? My gawsh. I can't stand the onomatopoeia. Why does he have to describe everything, but in such simple terms, like "the man wore a brown uniform, they always wore brown uniforms"? I can't stand the weird, awkward one liners: ex) "but couldn't deny that was what he was [an animal]: oxygen and food in, carbon dioxide and shit out, pop goes the weasel." What on earth is that? I don't like how nothing was really explained as to whodunit. I really dislike that suddenly the zombies were transmitting, telepathic, could levitate. What? Just what? There is an episode of Family Guy where Stephen King is pitching a new novel and that is the perfect explanation for this book: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nc7ZaZz4C... (Not sure as to why it's titled something mean about Stephanie Meyer, but watch the video.) 

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Heather said...

Yeah, I really don't think I'd enjoy this one! Sounds creepy.

Btw, thanks for putting the Swap button on your blog!!

jennie said...

I've never read a Stephen King book because I'm a scaredy-cat. I did stay in the hotel that he based The Shining on and it was the creepiest place I'd ever been. Like, seriously mega creepy. It pretty much confirmed that I'd never read one of his books. Haha!

Alyssa said...

You are one brave girl! I stay away from his books and don't see the movies based on books! Too scary for me!