Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mister Ray [Review]

230 pages
Published 12 July 2011

In the middle of the desert is a building that the government denies exists.It has been called many names. Dreamland. Groom Lake. Area 51.Most people assume that there are aliens inside the building. They are wrong.When an unfortunate mix-up sends a grocery store janitor named Mister Ray into the middle of the conspiracy, it's up to him to uncover the truth and reveal what's really going on at the most secretive place in the world.

My Thoughts:
I received this book here on Goodreads via giveaway :) It is autographed and Adam Perry drew Mister Ray on the title page too.
This is a children's genre book, so it really needs to be reviewed as a child's book. I personally cannot wait for my kids to read it. My husband was always really interested in aliens as a child (and even now), so I know he will enjoy it if our kids read books related to aliens!

Mister Ray is a very adorable tale about a quiet, shy janitor who is mistaken for a Youtube sensation turned "director" and taken to Area 51 for a secret job. I would have read this book in elementary school for sure and I know I would've liked it back then because I liked it now.

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Sounds like a cute read!