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Entangled [Review]

*4.5 stars out of 5*

#1 in Spellbound series
303 Pages [Kindle]
Published 25 February 2012
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Two months after dying, seventeen-year-old witch Graylee Perez wakes up in her twin sister Charlene’s body.

Until Gray finds a way back inside her own body, she’s stuck being Charlene every twenty-hour hours. Her sister has left precise instructions on how Gray should dress and behave. Looking like a prep isn’t half as bad as hanging out with Charlene’s snotty friends and gropey boyfriend.

The “normals” of McKinley High might be quick to write her behavior off as post-traumatic stress, but warlock Raj McKenna is the only person who suspects Gray has returned from the dead.

Now Gray has to solve the mystery of her death and resurrection and disentangle herself from Charlene’s body before she disappears for good.

My Thoughts:
Entangled is like Sweet Valley meets Sabrina the Teenage Witch meets Freaky Friday.

The story starts out with Charlene and Graylee, 17 year old identical twin witches, on the school roof. Charlene is threatening to kill herself because her boyfriend dumped her. Charlene was just being dramatic and ends up floating off the roof. From the get-go, Charlene and Graylee are very different. It was unexpected to see a story where identical twins weren't bffs, as well. Charlene is a total snob. She's a popular girl - mean, promiscuous, and just downright selfish, self-centered, and nasty. Graylee is a good student and overall, a good person. The story is told from both her perspective and that of Raj McKenna, one of the bad boys of the school, who is also a warlock.

Charlene decides to try and get back at Blake (her ex) and win him over. She's basically a psychopath. The twins' mom even goes so far as to putting a protection spell on the girl who Blake dumped Charlene for, Stacey. One afternoon, Graylee comes home and eats some chocolates that her sister was making for Valentine's Day. She goes to bed in the middle of dinner with an upset stomach and wakes up the next day in her sister's bed. She goes to school and finds out that everyone thinks she's Charlene, it's two months later, and she had died after she went to sleep that night in February.

I found this book to be a lot more honest to teenagedom. There was a discussion in a YA group on Goodreads about sex in YA books where someone had mentioned how unrealistic it is that all these teens are so hot and heavy for each other, but then just cuddle in bed. I absolutely agree with that. It was refreshing to read such an honest viewpoint - from what I remember from being a teen. I really liked Graylee. The whole premise of the two twins sharing one twin's body was very neat and was pulled off very well. I immediately liked Raj, even though he comes off as a jerk. I am so ready to read the next book in the Spellbound series.

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Shoshanah said...

I don't think I've seen this one before, but I absolutely love the cover. I do think it sounds like one I'd enjoy, so I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for it.

Kristen said...

OK, this cover is soooooo pretty. I am pretty sure I am now going to go buy this based completely on the fact of this book cover.... good thing I stumbled across your blog ha ha