Monday, December 15, 2014

Transitions for the New Year.

I will be transitioning by TBR List and readathon stuff to my other blog: Teacher's Pet to Teacher. I feel it will work for my teacher blog - especially since I read a bunch of YA books and my age group will be middle school. I wanted to talk books with so many of the kids during my in-class observations. They were reading all sorts of things I had read or wanted to read.

Fortune Favors will stay, but will fade out of existence pretty much... I don't want to delete it, but it will no longer be active after my last Series Challenge post at the first of the year.

I also food blog - which is my baby - Fantastical Sharing of Recipes...and more! Once I have Mason, I'll probably blog regular updates on him there for Fantastical be sure to follow :)

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