Wednesday, March 16, 2016

February Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

I'm late to the game's been a crazy couple of weeks with two February birthdays and a March birthday - yes, all three kids within a month's time. My picture dates got messed up from the switch to a new phone, so I don't know what days they were I just grabbed random pictures - they are definitely NOT in order. But they about sum up February for me :)

Mason can hold his bottle, but he doesn't like to // Blanket OCD // Sickie finally fell asleep // I don't need more coffee mugs, but "I can't even", "I donut care", and an owl! Yup! Gotta have them!

My girlie is 8 years old // Saydee is always so alert outside...she has to investigate every noise // Love this pink polish from my Feb Ipsy glam bag // She is so cute!!

It was 37 degrees, but I was feeling cute in my scarf // That face...just look at her // Eyelashes for days // It's been hard switching him to solid table foods. But he's finally getting there...

"Behind the scenes" // Cami's gorgeous cake from her birthday party at a cupcake bakery // Mason loves the puppy filter on Snapchat // Muffin has been SO clingy to Nick lately.

Saydee loves the kids and is often cuddling with one of them // The boys playing together - these are the moments that seriously make me so happy to have my babies in my life - they are definitely my world. // Mason was NOT impressed with his birthday cake or song // I can't even with this cute little face. I just love his little cheeks and his smile. Makes me want to have so many more children.

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