Tuesday, April 12, 2016

March Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

I figured March was going to be a breeze compared to February, but it was totally not. It ended up being the roughest month I think I've ever had. I was recovering from the flu early on in the month and then ended up in the ER one morning because my "resting heartrate" was 226. Needless to mention, THAT was a scary incident. I got to stay overnight because after they got my heartrate down, it was irregular. I've never had any heart problems and there isn't a family history of it. I have gone back twice to the ER thinking it was happening again, but it ended up being panic attacks. I have been good for a couple of weeks now and I'm hoping that continues. I have a follow up appointment in June with my new cardiologist and my hope is to get off the meds. They ran tons of tests and did an ultrasound of my heart but couldn't find a cause for the incident. I'm starting to wonder if having the flu for a week without treatment was hard on my heart and caused it. I honestly cannot think of anything else that could have caused it. :S Anyways...here is my month in pictures (not one a day, but close):

Netflix and blogging. // Nick was gone for drill and Muffin stole his spot // Beautiful evening
(Right to left) Never had an incident at the store before...then Mason happened. // Overnight stay at the hospital, but the view was gorgeous // Came home to a Starbucks Cozy Collection - a blanket, mug, hot cocoa Kcups, marshmallows, and shortbread cookies.

I am so incredibly proud of myself because I made a Minecraft cake for Matthew for his 9th birthday - he once again was not pleased that I put toys on the cake. I did it once before with Mater and he freaked. // Brewing root beer (one of his birthday presents from us) together. // Mason CAN hold his bottle.
(Right to left) Had to get a smaller stroller and this shark one from Target is the cutest. We get so many compliments on it. // Mason is going to be my climber -_- // Dogwoods are a-blooming here in East Tennessee.

I have pages in my Erin Condren full of recipes I need to post on my food blog. Never ending, I tell you. // When you take your hair out of a 2-day bun... // Planting some herbs and tomatoes!
 (Right to left): My desk always ends up a mess...watching Naruto and editing pictures. // We got rid of the playpen and put up baby gates and it's both great and awful LOL // Matthew did NOT want me to make the super cool Minecraft cube cake for his birthday party with his friends. He requested bacon cupcakes. So I made Nutella Chocolate Cupcakes with Dulce de Leche Buttercream and Candied Bacon. Because I'm the coolest mom ever.

#Selfie // We spent the day in the park and Scrumps Bakery is right next to it, so we got cupcakes for snack :) This Strawberry Cream is soooo good. // Matthew's new flip flops are just slightly too small for me :'(
(Right to left): Galaxy spread in my planner...I'm going to be starting a plan with me series here on the blog. I may even try to record them and post them on Youtube. Who knows. // Mason & Saydee love to watch crows in our front yard // GRUJOS - legit my favorite place to eat. Just love love love the German fast food.


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