Tuesday, August 9, 2016

July Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

So I have decided to do these in two parts now per month because I am finding it more difficult to compile 30 pictures in a pinch and I feel like I can never get them up in a timely fashion. SO...with that being said, here is what my July looked like! A warning: there are a lot of Mason pictures!

We got an Olive Garden cheese grater. It is the best thing ever. // Mason has taken to hanging out with Cami and Matthew a lot now. He loves them so much. // Every time the lawn gets mowed, Mason and Saydee watch out the front window.
Little man is wild. He really is. // First time in the pool....he hated it. LOL

I am obsessed with this child. His sweet little face. Gah! // Woke up from a nap and his hangry little butt lazily stayed on the couch to eat his snack // He hasn't been falling me asleep in my arms anymore, but I love this picture of him sleeping on my legs that were propped up on the coffee table. They were numb, but it was worth it cause he's cute.
This cat is gorgeous and I think it's just a neighbor's outdoor cat, but I'm not sure. It's really friendly. // We went Pokemon hunting downtown. The Sunsphere never ceases to amaze me! // This guy not only climbs onto things, but into things too! LOL

The scooter got put up because I don't need this little one getting stitches. // Saw a momma duck and her babies at the park while Pokemon hunting. // Also repped my team when we went out to hunt #TeamMystic
Is there anything better than a stuffed crust pizza? Yes, a homemade one! // Little guy coloring for the first time.

Thank goodness the front door has a deadbolt on it. He can reach the handle now - isn't he a little handful?! // Saydee plays with herself all the time and it cracks me up. // Playing cars with his big brother.
His little teeth!! // I have a ghost!

Had to throw in a picture of my cute little nephew, Ezra! // Fat Mason hands. // Hanging out with Matthew & Cami - seeing what video games they are playing.
This banana pepper is the first thing from the garden and we grew it with jalapenos, so it's spicy! // Got the kids to watch Penn & Teller: Fool Us with me. They are obsessed.

Made Mason into a little piggy via Snapchat :) // He loves to be outdoors - it's one of his absolute favorite things. // Playing in his buckets.
Happy Birthday, Harry & Jo // CHEESE (which is the day before the happy bday one, but I didn't want to explain reading captions right to left for the whole post)

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