Sunday, September 4, 2011

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire [Review]

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Harry Potter, #4) 

#4 in HP series
734 pages
Published 8 July 2000

Harry wants to get away from the pernicious Dursleys and go to the International Quidditch Cup with Hermione, Ron, and the Weasleys. He wants to dream about Cho Chang, his crush (and maybe do more than dream). He wants to find out about the mysterious event that's supposed to take place at the Hogwarts this year, an event involving two other rival schools of magic, and a competition that hasn't happened in a hundred years. He wants to be a normal, fourteen year old wizard. Unfortunately for Harry Potter, he's not normal - even by wizarding standards.

And in his case, different can be deadly.

My Thoughts:
This is my least favorite book of the series, however, it is still a very good book. Especially the last 10 chapters. They are unbelievable and I'd be surprised if anyone who read the book could put it down and not finish out the book in those last chapters.

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

LOVE Harry Potter! I was trying to think what my least favorite is... Chamber Of Secrets

Rachel said...

The first three Harry Potter books will always be my favourites.

Tia said...

I love HP books! So fun!

Tia @ Falling For Books

RAnn said...

My least favorite was Order of the Phoenix--it was just too long for the story it told, at least IMO.

Alaiel Kreuz said...

It's been a long time since I read HP... maybe I should put them in my TBR pile, hehe.

This is my My Monday. Feel free to pass by, have a look and enter in my two giveaways if you want to ;)



Lindsey said...

I'm excited to read Before I Go To Sleep as well. Happy Monday!

Here's My Monday:

PS - Newish blogger question: I know how to make text a link on my actual blog, but can't seem to figure it out when commenting on other's blogs. Help?

Juli @ Universe in Pictures said...

I also thought HP 4 was a very in between book, even though the ending was great!! Hop on over if you have the time!!
Juli @ Universe in Words

Alyce said...

HP4 is one of my lesser favorites too, but I say that with the understanding that I love the whole series so much. :) I just finished listening to the second book last night for the first time in a while and had forgotten just how funny and ridiculous Gilderoy Lockhart was.