Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Random Recap of Our "Vacation" that we're back at "home" in New gotta hear about all the stuff we did in Tenn.

  • We got to Knoxville on the 30th in the afternoon.
  • There was a stray dog that found her way to the house - we had her for about a week. She was beautiful and sweet.
  • We took the kids to see Brave with their Uncle Zack and Auntie Emma.
  • The power went out one night during dinner and stayed out for nearly 24 hours. Because of this, the desktop fried and the internet went out. The internet was out for a week. *dies*
  • We went to the East TN Discovery Center. It was a bit disappointing. :(
  • Nick and I had a date night: dinner and a movie, but we ended up just doing the dinner at Calhoun's.
  • We swam, played beer pong, played board games like Apples to Apples, The Game of Things, and Boxers or Briefs, watched Game of Thrones, Kevin Hart specials, and SNL, and brewed some beer.
  • We went to the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies with Mimi and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. [post to come]
  • On the way home from the aquarium, Nick's car's check engine light came on. He found out he had a sensor that had gone out.  He ordered the part and we figured we'd leave a day later. We usually leave early so we have time to settle in home before Nick has to sign back in. But apparently Pep Boys sucks donkey balls and didn't ACTUALLY ORDER THE EFFIN' PART. So Nick had to call his 1SGT and get his leave extended.
  • We went out in ritzy West Knoxville and made our first purchase at Hollister (I got a $7 shirt and $9 skirt!) and of course...made a stop at Godiva because we ALWAYS get Godiva at West Town Mall.
  • The night before Nick's car part got in (ordered it from Advanced this time), his brother and him put a tranny cooler on. 
  • Nick went to go pick up his part and IT WASN'T IN. RAGE CAGE! Gahhhhh. They said it could be in the same day (Tues), but it was slotted for Weds.
  • We finally (bittersweet) left on Wednesday the 18th and arrived on Thursday.

And now...PICTURES!

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