Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows


I'm pretty stoked about this week because I get to talk TV :D Well, I could've gone the movie route as well...I have some random tv loves. Some are because of Netflix, some are old loves that will always be favorites.

1. Spongebob Squarepants. I'm nearly 26 and have no problem admitting my love for SB. I've watched it since the very first episode and will be devastated when it is cancelled.

2. Archer. Polar opposite of SB, but I am in loooove. I caught a random episode of season 3 with Nick, but wanted to watch it from the very beginning. When he returned from deployment, we binge watched 5 seasons.

3. Orange is the New Black. YESSSS. Watched season 1 in November of last year and had to beg Nick to rewatch season 1 with me prior to the June 6 dump of all of season 2 on Netflix. My fave is Red. I also love Sophia :)

4. Modern Family. A lot of times I'll watch a pilot episode of something and if it's amazing, I'll put off watching it until I can watch it with Nick. This was one of those times. It's one of our favorites.

5. The Goldbergs. I'm really excited that this got picked up for a second season. It's about Adam Goldberg (the kid in the glasses) and his family and takes place in the 80s. It's just outrageously hilarious and I love it. Delicious. It is DELICIOUS.

6. Raising Hope. We used to DVR a show that always showed a minute or two of Raising Hope afterwards (it might be New Girl - but don't quote me on it) and in that minute or two of this random show, Nick and I would always crack up. After we got Netflix, I added it to my queue, but forgot about it. Finally I made Nick watch it and it's another new favorite. We're in season 2 right now and watching it little by little alongside with My Name is Earl (also a fabulous show - I always caught an episode here and there when it actually aired).

7. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Don't judge me! It's like the only reality tv show I watch and I can't get enough of it. 9 seasons is not enough :) I'm not a huge fan of Kris, Kim, or Rob, but I deal with them to get my Khloe, Kourtney, & Scott fix.

8. Bones. I had seen previews for new episodes when watching Fringe, but never really thought to watch it. I was looking for new tv shows to start on Netflix and decided to give it a shot. LOVE IT! In middle school, the TAG group got to do a forensics unit and it was incredibly fascinating, so I love that aspect of the show. The characters are all amazing too!

9. Adventure Time. Another "kid" show that I loooooove. Also the guy that voices Spongebob voices Ice King (yay Tom Kenny!), so I mean that's a plus. It's just a freaking hilarious show!

10. Scrubs. And this will always always always be my all-time favorite television show. I rewatched the entirety (except for that last season on ABC where it was just J.D. and a bunch of annoying newbies - I refuse to buy that dvd set) during deployment and it never fails...I bawl on the finale. It hurts. A lot of things that we (Nick and I) say and our inside jokes are Scrubs things. It's the best tv show ever made. Ever.

Honorable mentions: Psych, Family Guy, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Game of Thrones, Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Tosh.0, So You Think You Can Dance, and Saturday Night Live.

What are your all's favorite tv shows?


Sarah said...

I love reality tv and the Kardashians are one of the only shows I CANNOT stand. Maybe if they got rid of Kim..
I also really like Modern Family, Orange is the new Black, and Bones.

Erin O'Riordan said...

I like cartoons, too. I adore The Simpsons, Futurama, and Bob's Burgers. I watch Futurama and Bob's Burgers reruns on Netflix all the time. (I hate Family Guy, though - just absolutely hate it.) OITNB is probably my favorite thing on Netflix, though. My favorite is Suzanne, a.k.a. Crazy Eyes.

Love,Lit,Art&Reason said...

I love cartoons, too. I watch a lot of Bob's Burgers and Family guy. Thanks for stopping by =)

Wendy Klik said...

We love Modern Family in this household too.