Saturday, May 2, 2015

April Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

April flew by. I think probably the quickest of any month. I recently have begun to cut out my morning nap with Mason in favor of blogging and showering. I'm still not 100% on that - there are some mornings I just need more sleep. For the most part, he's a great sleeper and only wakes up once or twice per night. I tried, again, to have less baby pictures make the day cut...but it's so hard. I take a million pictures of him. He's so cute :) was my April!

April 1: Morning naptime with Momma // April 2: This Sweet Vidalia Onion BBQ sauce is the best dang BBQ sauce ever! // April 3: I finally made Nick the burger he's been obsessing over for months. It's a burger with chicken patties for buns. // April 4: Funny Mason faces // April 5: Little Miss Annie. She's one of Dixie's pups who is now 3 months old. She's the only one left in the litter.

April 6: This day we took an afternoon nap on the couch and Muffin (who admittedly doesn't really care for the baby) decided she'd snuggle up with us. I am a great pillow. // April 7: I got this top from the Mint Julep and it's my fave. It's a very Spring-y top. // April 8: Sleepy boy // April 9: I've gotten Matthew and Nick to eat grape tomatoes with minimal whining if I roast them first. I don't mind because they are damn tasty that way! // April 10: We had a game night that included Harry Potter trivia, Heads Up, Break the Safe, and Scribblish.

April 11: Nick needed to get his 2 miles in to prepare for his drill weekend, so the kids and I came with and walked the mile track. Afterwards, Nick, Matt, and Cami played on the playground for a bit. // April 12: Wrap Baby // April 13: Slowly but surely, my house is looking more like my mom-in-law's...Nick picked up this lazy susan for our kitchen table. // April 14: 7 weeks old! // April 15: Made a Target run to get Mason a playmat. He loves it!

April 16: Mason looks so much like Matthew when he does this. // April 17: Little bright eyes! // April 18: I finally found Biscoff - I've been looking high and low for it. I found it at the end of the cat food/litter aisle. Weird, right?! // April 19: One pot chicken parm pasta was unbelievable. Definitely made my top ten favorite recipes. // April 20: Muffin, Nick's cat, has taken to humaning and sleeping on his pillow, pushing him over to the middle of the bed where Mason and I usually try and stay near. Our bed is too small and too full!

April 21: Selfie time...doesn't Mason look pleased?! // April 22: He finally chunked up enough to wear his cloth diapers! YAY! // April 23: I love our morning conversations. // April 24: I cannot peel an orange to save my life.... // April 25: Bad kitty thinks the baby playmat is a place to sleep.

April 26: A "butt framed picture for Mom" from my 8 year old - sweet, right? // April 27&28: More smiles from this cutie pie // April 29: Soup night=Chicken Pesto Soup with kale // April 30: Working on organizing the bookshelves. They are a mess.

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