Saturday, November 14, 2015

October Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

I missed August's P-a-D and then was a week and a half late posting September's...I'm posting November's on time. Or it'll drive me bonkers!! I didn't do so swell in October taking a picture each day...I think I'm missing 8 days. But I'll share what I got!

Cupcakes for breast cancer awareness // Cami made a friend at the brew store
Little guy out of the stroller at the allergist's office // Daddy snuggles are the best!

 Cami making beads at Girl Scouts // Little Man in his big brother's old hat
I was trying to clean up around my mom-in-law's before she got home from a mini vacay and Mason was sitting with Matthew and fell asleep :) // My neighbor and her sister have a rescue, so we bought some goodies to support it!

Halloween = Boo at the Zoo (Red Ranger, Monkey, Jinafire Long) // Hoodie weather - yay!
Mason fell asleep on his stuffed animal from the zoo // He looks SO big! :'(

 So sweet // And so rotten
Both cats like to lay on the floor vents when the heat kicks on // Some art that Matthew did at school

One minute he learns to crawl, the next he's pulling up to stand // For months, he's been wanting his thick blanket off the side of his crib and I wouldn't let him have it. I decided to let him finally and he was SO SO SO happy. He was just smiling and giggling. Blankets are his favorite!
A few days after pulling up to stand, he was starting to let go with one hand // Not having the monthly pictures at all - 8 months old already!

That leopard bib is from Matthew's baby years and it is still my favorite // Got a dog bed in preparation for our trial with Saydee and the cats took it upon themselves to claim it.
The view from the end of the driveway. I love fall in Tennessee. You can see our mountains back there (or hills - whatever you wanna call 'em) // I dropped Nick and the big kids off to trick or treat in a safe neighborhood nearby. Mason, Saydee, and I hung out at the house.

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