Thursday, June 2, 2016

May Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

Hi guys! I meant to have this up on the 31st, but I got a little behind schedule. I know I've been posting so many planner videos lately, but it's something that I've been spending a little more time on - rather than crafting or reading. Call it my latest obsession.

The month of May was a great month and very busy, but I'll get to that in the pictures.

We have had a ton of chipmunks in our yard as of late - I have to make deer repellant for my garden in hopes that it will deter them from it in a humane way. Cambria had her end of the year GS troop party and there was face painting. We made some killer ground beef fajita nachos and pb&j yogurt parfaits. Cami also had her tubes put in her ears and adenoids removed. She was a trooper. They told us she would be tired and sleep afterwards and we had to practically tie her down on the couch to keep her from going out and playing. I got some yummy Godiva chocolate for Mother's Day! :)

 I also got Godiva chocolate covered Oreos for Mother's Day and they were freaking amazing. I made Nick and my future brother-in-law, Nick, Vanilla Chai Latte cupcakes for their birthdays that we celebrated the same day even though they are two weeks apart. Then we had field days on separate days because Cami is in 2nd and goes with K, 1, 2, and Matt is in 3rd, so he's with 3, 4, 5. Next year they will be back to the same day. Mason & Saydee are constantly staring at crows and squirrels out the window. It's so adorable. And here I am rocking a grungey look for Matt & Cami's world museum night at the school. I tried Marmite and it was disgusting.

Mason is such a ham. I think I have a bajillion pictures of him grinning. It's my favorite. I made Nick a variation of Little Nicky Burgers [see recipe: here] for his birthday using schnitzel instead of Popeye's spicy chicken and peppercorn gravy instead of buffalo sauce. It was worlds better, in my opinion. More chunky Mason being a ham. He has these adorable little curls on the back of his head. I love them. He's also not only just a climber but a contortionist. LOL. I've been making more breakfast lately and these puffins were a hit. They are muffins made from pancake mix. I made bacon caramel, chocolate chip, cranberry white chocolate, and butterscotch.

We started off the summer break very well with an ER trip because Cami got into something and her whole face swelled up. Thankfully, it went away with a dose of steroids. I went to Lowe's and got some plants for my garden. My other stuff wasn't doing never does from the seeds. Tut!!! This was the last day the kids, Nick, and I got to see him. A few days later, he was put to sleep after 12 years in the family. We miss him a ton :( Last three pictures here are of my little crazy Mason man. He loves his little couch, he gets hangry, and I attempted a 15 month picture but the little guy doesn't sit still.

Little guy had his shots and didn't make it through dinner before falling asleep. Every now and then I get a picture of myself. Mason seriously loves this couch. He likes to sit on it when he first gets up from his nap. Had to get a picture of the ridiculous way I woke in my nook and cat on my chest because she was starving. Mason has started to empty out all his buckets and he'll sit in them. AND I had to share one picture of my new nephew (finally an aunt) and his beautiful momma (my sister-in-law, Kathleen). Ezra was born on the 26th and oh my gosh, he is so cute!! I cannot wait to meet him here in a few weeks.

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