Friday, June 10, 2016

Baby Mason is a Toddler! [15 Months]

 :( My baby isn't a baby anymore.

I had a really rough time health-wise around Mason's first birthday with having the flu and then following that with the heart issues - probably related to the flu, so I forgot to get a good picture of him on the couch. I finally got around to making his first year collage which makes me so sad. He's so big now :( However, I love how his personality shines through. He's such a sweet heart - always smiling.

Let me try and update from where he was at 11's a lot to cover, but I think I can do it.

Mason at 15 months is 22 lb 6 oz and 30.5 inches long/tall. He's a small guy, but has such an appetite and the doctor doesn't seem concerned - neither am I. I was a small child and Cami was too.

It took some time, but around 13 months, he finally started eating table foods. He went from gagging on all the foods with texture to us having to keep him from shoving too much in his mouth all at once. His favorite foods are by far cheese, potatoes, and chicken.

It took even longer to try and get him off of formula completely - I kept giving him formula when he wasn't eating enough solid food to make me comfortable to just give him cow's milk. Around 14 months, he stopped with the formula and the 2 oz bottle at 2am. We were unsure if he was getting a little rash from cow's milk (myself and my other two were sensitive until age 2 with cow's milk) or if it was from feeling a little under the I tried to switch him to soy milk briefly to see if it made any difference...except he REFUSED to drink it and didn't trust me handing him a sippy cup for like 2 days LOL. He switched over to Nuby sippy cups (the ones with straws) right before he stopped drinking formula. I prefer these because there is easy access to clean every part of it (so no crazy mold) and I like the straw because if for some reason something happens, he can drink from a real straw in a pinch.

We don't really have a bedtime routine (so bad, I know), but he's been in a weird transition phase between 2 naps and 1 nap, so I'm hoping after that, we can pick a time and get him settled into bed then. He's really easy going though. He doesn't freak out if he falls asleep in your arms and then wakes up in his crib or if you put him in the crib when he's almost asleep or if you put him in his crib when he's tired. He's actually pretty good about letting you know he's ready to go to bed.

Mason is still super duper happy most of the time. He smiles and laughs and is just a crazy good baby...I mean toddler. He says hi, bye, Dada, Daddy, Mama, Bubba, Sissy, thank you, his own version of Bella (one of our cats' names), and good. He loves to meow at the cats which is really cute. His favorite thing right now is Paw Patrol. He never has really watched tv, but we got a dvd because he has a Paw Patrol toy and couch and LOVES them.

The only time I have any issues with Mason is when he needs a diaper change. It's literally like wrestling an alligator. He does the spin while you hold his legs. He grabs his diaper area because he thinks it's funny when I say no because he's poopy. The only time he is cranky and mad is when he is hungry. Mason is hangry. He really is. But once you get him food, he goes back to being the cutest, sweetest little guy. He's also a climber - the picture below was in April, I believe, before I took the playpen out and put baby gates up. Again though, he is fairly easy going, he can sleep in a room full of Girl Scouts and that is definitely an easy going child, if you ask me.

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