Monday, July 11, 2016

June Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

Ah, yes, my mid-month, supposed-to-be-posted-last-day-of-the-month Photo-a-Day post! :) June was such an eventful month for the family, but such an exciting one. I didn't get a picture everyday, although I am going to try my hardest to do so this month (July). So let's jump in!

The Girl Scout Cookie party took place at the local skating rink and Cami loves one of her cookie sale prizes quite a bit (the t-shirt). // Mason got chocolate cake wasted and passed out. // His little curls!! // We took Saydee to the Bark at the Park event downtown - it was a hot day, but gorgeous out and we had loads of fun.

Our family has a group What's App chat and it gets really ridiculous in there. One night, my husband and his two sisters and I started faceswapping (using Snapchat) different pictures and sending them to each other. We were all in tears. And my camera roll looked like this... // Teriyaki Hawaiian Chicken Bowl was incredible. The homemade teriyaki sauce was the bomb. // Mason is now playing with his big brother's Cars cars and it makes me so happy. // My new Erin Condren planner got here. So excited to use it in January. I have been posting lots of planner related stuff here on this blog and on my Youtube channel. // Mason got a few new shirts - this one is my favorite. It says "Get Cookies or Cry Tryin'" :D

Homemade chocolate chip cookies are the best. I tried a new recipe - the America's Test Kitchen recipe - SO GOOD. // The kids and I started geocaching recently - our first (and only so far) cache was found in a Weigel's parking lot. // Mason is legitimately the hangriest child ever. I handed over his little puffs container and he didn't hesitate.

My hair has gotten so freaking long. // We fostered this sweetheart for a couple days before she found her forever home. She was so incredibly sweet. // Game of Thrones finale time!! Can't believe it's already over!! // I was tasked to make the wedding cake for my sister-in-law's wedding. Devil's food for her and vanilla chai for him.

We met baby Ezra finally!!! Matthew is totally in love with his first little cousin. Luckily, he has two more coming. We all are so excited about him - I have been saving literally every picture Kat (Nick's sister) sends or posts. He's the sweetest little thing!!! // Emma (Nick's other sister) got hitched and we were all very happy to welcome Pratt to our family officially - he can't escape now!! :) It was a gorgeous mountain wedding and Emma looked incredible. // The day after the wedding, we did a family hang out day at Nick's momma's house...I got a picture of her holding Mason and rocking Ezra (her two littlest "littles"). // Mason sleeps in our bed sometimes and he loves it. I don't mind too much when I wake up next to his cute butt. // And lastly, an adorable picture of baby Ezra to finish the month out!

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