Friday, October 21, 2016

October Photo-a-day Part 1: my month in pictures

I have plans in the new year to stop doing this in a once or twice a month format because I'm not always taking pictures now. I'm taking loads of videos. It's ridiculous. So I think I may start "Five on Friday" or something like that to share a few pictures and talk about life. But I'll keep doing these couple of months in 2016 as the twice-a-month posts :)

Mimi (my mom-in-law) with all her littles (Mason, Cami, Ezra, Presley, & Matthew) // My first nephew with my first niece - love them soo stinking much. They are so cute!!
Sometimes I sneak pictures of Mason sleeping - it's easier when he's in bed with me LOL // Mason insists on holding the leash when we take Saydee outside.

I love how our cats have no boundaries. I was sitting on the couch enjoying some television with Nick and Muffin decides to basically stretch kick me in the head for more space for herself. // I tried to get a picture of Mason hiking his leg up like he was trying to climb out of his crib. OH NO!
I made Steak Roulades for my Secret Recipe Club assignment and YASSSS!! // Mason loves to sit where my computer tower is. It's his new favorite spot.

I executed my first cake roll perfectly...spoiler alert: it's pumpkin! // This little princess is so stinking adorable!
I made a super smiley face and Mason copied me...I just wanna smush his cute little face all day every day. SO CUTE. // Saydee made herself comfortable after the kids were in bed.

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