Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November Photo-a-Day Part 2: my month in pictures

I can't tell you all how excited I am to not be dong this post anymore in 2017. It's too much for me, especially this time of year. So I will have two more of these and then be doing a short weekly post on Fridays :)

My weekdays are spent hanging out with these three: Presley, Saydee, and Mason. // I cannot believe how big Mason has gotten - Matthew picked him up for comparison's sake. // My sweet Rosie Riveter little niece :) // 40 degrees means I got to steal Nick's hoodie LOL // Our family makes the cutest little nephew, Ezra, is sitting unassisted now and will be crawling, walking, and talking before we know it!

I survived the vet with 2 cats and a toddler *phew* Thankfully, the vet office we go to is amazing and our animals all do well there. // Mason is obsessed with little Presley - he is so sweet and gentle with her. // Cami helped make sweet potato casserole that she ended up knocking off the counter while it cooled and went straight to the trash. // My side of the bed typically fits myself, a fat cat, and a squirmy toddler. // CHESTNUT is back. I am sharing his daily shenanigans on Instagram. He was working out this day.

We (all the siblings and significant others) surprised Mom (my mom-in-law) with this double rocker that she has been dying to get. She was so shocked and excited. And may have called us sneaky lyin' shits because her birthday isn't until Dec 30 and we got her out of the house under the guise that we were surprising my sister-in-law with a baby shower (which we did), but we also surprised Mom too hahaha // It only took until Sunday evening to get the Christmas tree up, but it's up! // Silly Chestnut loves chocolate! // My cuddly little man! // His new favorite thing to do is climbing up in my desk chair and typing on the keyboard. Monkey see, monkey do!

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