Saturday, April 27, 2013

Design: Lulu & Sweet Pea

This should be a name y'all are familiar with if you've been reading my blog for any amount of time: Melissa of Lulu & Sweet Pea! Melissa is one of my bff's and part of the most epic bloggy trio ever [her, Amber, and myself, of course].

She had recently gotten a new design that she wasn't the biggest fan of...and it took like 3 months to actually get it. So she asked if I would mind sprucing it up a bit. The new design wasn't actually much different from her old one, but the changes were not ones she liked.

She wanted her blog to be mostly blue and grey, her sidebars to be equal, and to get rid of some her clutter, but still keep all the information up.

She let me go a little crazy and give her a patterned background to give her blog a little color. I used Dead Hardy, My Own Topher [for the ampersand], and Things We Said for fonts.


Check out Melissa's new design live - and make sure to check out her blog too!

hoo hoo!

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