Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Key Lime Pie Murder [Review]

 *3.5 stars*
#9 in Hannah Swenson series
379 Pages [Paperback]
ISBN: 0758210191
First Published 1 January 2007
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The yummy [ninth] smalltown cozy from Fluke (after 2006's Cherry Cheesecake Murder) finds sometime sleuth Hannah Swensen, owner of the Cookie Jar in Lake Eden, Minn., judging the baking contest at the Tri-County Fair. When one of her fellow judges, home economics teacher Willa Sunquist, is murdered, Hannah determines to sniff out the killer. Was it a man from Willa's mysterious past? Or a student she flunked? Fluke has developed a charming supporting cast—Hannah's besotted (and slightly spineless) two suitors, her overbearing but likable mother, her endearing sisters and her levelheaded business partner all feel like friends by the time the murder is solved. The dozens of tempting recipes Fluke includes are an added treat.

My Thoughts:
The murder didn't happen until about 1/2 way through and I felt like it wasn't nearly as mysterious as the last books have been. Plus Hannah didn't do nearly as much investigating.

However, I liked that the love triangle was toned down a little, Moishe was center-stage, and all of the recipes sound good.

Recipes include: Blonde Brownies, Breakfast Omelet, Cappuccino Royales, Chippers, Deep-Fried Candy Bars, Fancy Butters for Popovers, Key Lime Pie, Mango Bread, Mock Apple Pie, Orange Cake, Peach Bread, Pineapple Delights, Bernadette's Popovers, Swedish Oatmeal Cookies, and Walnut Date Chews.

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Ashley said...

I've read the 1st book in this series and loved it, but i had a bad feeling that it was going to be like the Stephanie Plum series. I love Stephanie but I'm looking for something different maybe some actually lovein. Is there a difference?

Casey said...

I've seen these books, but I haven't read them yet. Are they a fun series? My library had a big potluck last summer and people were supposed to bring recipes from these books. I didn't go because I hadn't read them but I heard it was fun.

Bubblymuppet said...

I love me some Moishe!! I stopped reading this series because they stopped being $.99, but you have reminded me how much I liked the books, especially Moishe!

Anonymous said...

I keep wondering if this series is worth picking up- the covers always draw me in, i'll have to check them out :)