Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bad Kitty Meets Baby [Review]

Bad Kitty series
160 Pages [Paperback]
Published 17 January 2012
ISBN:  0312641214
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Kitty's owners are home with a big surprise for Kitty. But what is it? Kitty, reeling in horror, thinks it’s a . . . dog. The neighbor cats are convinced it’s a cat.  But we all know that it’s really a BABY!

With Nick Bruel’s trademark mix of antic humor (this time involving a Kitty game show and the Kitty Olympics—which the baby wins hands down), riotous illustrations, total mayhem, and Uncle Murray Fun Facts, this may be the funniest Kitty book yet, and the one that hits closest to home.

My Thoughts:
This was a super cute book - my 5 yr old daughter loved it! The illustrations were all super adorable and the story itself was adorable too. It was funny! Plus it had some cat facts inside that tied into the story, so not only was it a funny story, it was also informative. I definitely recommend this book to those who have younger kids (like Kindergarten/1st grade age) and will hopefully be picking up some more of these soon!

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