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Carrot Cake Murder [Review]

*3.5 stars*

#10 in Hannah Swensen Mystery series
352 Pages [Paperback]
First Published: 1 March 2008
ISBN: 0758287097
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Summertime has finally arrived in Lake Eden, Minnesota, and Hannah Swensen, owner of The Cookie Jar bakery, is happy to help her business partner, Lisa, prepare for a big family reunion. Everyone is delighted when Lisa's long-lost uncle, Gus, makes a surprise appearance. Well, almost everyone. When Gus is found dead with two slices of Hannah's infamous carrot cake by his side, Hannah sets to work to uncover the secrets from his past. She'll have to sift through a long line of suspects to find a killer--and it could prove to be a recipe for her own demise...

My Thoughts:
I feel like the series is finally losing steam. Hannah was kind of obnoxious in this one - announcing someone's engagement (which ended up not even tying into the story whatsoever) and just being kind of rude. She still can't decide between Mike & Norman which kills me. I have been Team Norman all along. In this book alone, he did all these thoughtful things for her. What did Mike do? Just make her jealous because of helping/hanging out with Ronni why doesn't she just pick Norman? Because Mike it too handsome to pass up? UGH. C'mon Hannah.

The murder and investigation was interesting. Definitely didn't know who did it until the very end. And Moishe got a bunch of the spotlight too - which is always a good thing. I would read books upon books about Moishe alone!

Recipes include: Black Forest Brownies, Hannah's Special Carrot Cake, Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake, Cocoa Fudge Cake, Cream Cheese Frosting, Dill Sauce, Edna's Easy Celery Sauce, Funeral Hotdish, Lemon Fluff Jell-O, Mexican Hotdish, Never-fail Fudge Frosting, Party Cookies, Raisin Drops, Red Velvet Cookies, Rocky Road Bar Cookies, Sally's Sunny Vegetable Salad, Salmon Cakes, Scandinavian Almond Cake, Viking Cookies, and Wanmansita Casserole. 

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