Monday, August 18, 2014

Bout of Books 11.0: Daily Updates

Bout of Books

Hello, BOB!!! I feel like it's been forever, but I'm excited it's back. I have a busy week, but I do plan on getting some reading done. My TBR is pretty much out of freaking control. Thanks to college, moving, and pregnancy. Woo!

  • Read a little every day
  • Finish 1 book, make a significant dent in a 2nd
  • Participate in a few challenges

Saturday 8/23 and Sunday 8/24:
Pages read: (total)
Books finished:

Friday 8/22:
Pages read: 70 (total: 362)
Books finished: 2
Challenges: n/a
Thoughts: 8am Started 11/22/63 last night. I've only read 2 King books. One I liked a great deal, the other not so much. I see really mixed reviews on this one and it is huge, so I don't know if I will DNF it or not, but I have a feeling I will.
Thursday 8/21:
Wide Awake (Wide Awake, #1)11/22/63
Pages read: 118 + 3 (total: 292)
Books finished: 2
Challenges: n/a
Thoughts: 7am Starting at 39% today in the book. Surprised that I'm only that far in. This book is so good!

Wednesday 8/20:
Wide Awake (Wide Awake, #1)
Pages read: 70 (total: 171)
Books finished: 1
Challenges: n/a
Thoughts: 1pm Made a huge dent in Wide Awake. Last night I read 3% and now I'm at 19% and really wish I didn't have to put the book down to work on school stuff.

Tuesday 8/19:
Killer Instinct (The Naturals, #2)Wide Awake (Wide Awake, #1)  
Pages read: 70 (total: 101)
Books finished: 1
Challenges: n/a
Thoughts: 11pm Finished Killer Instinct today! So good! Starting Wide Awake by Shelly Crane - another NetGalley book :)

Monday 8/18:
Currently reading:
Killer Instinct (The Naturals, #2)
Pages read: 31 (total: 31)
Books finished: 0
Challenges: n/a
Thoughts: 4pm I started out the day at 74% and read a little while the teacher was doing some errands that I couldn't help with and then after I left my classroom observation time I didn't get to read again until I was in the pick-up line for the kids. I'm at 82% now :)


Cindy said...

Good Luck Sarah

Pan Alchemist said...

Ahhh! I feel your pain regarding teaching prep. It the a blackhole of time that inhales and disposes of everything we once did for fun - because no matter how well prepared a teacher is, there is always something more that can be done to make everything that little bit better. I don't know how you are coping being a mother on top of it!

All the best for BoB and happy reading.

Sarah Flood Held said...

You are doing awesome, especially with everything going on. Good luck with the rest of the readathon!