Friday, August 15, 2014

Bout of Books 11.0: Goals

Bout of Books

For my 8th BOB readathon...I'm really not expecting much. I do want to read...and finish one book, but I will also be in school for in-class observation 3 days next week, plus doing substitute teacher orientation, plus possibly taking a course exam. If I can do 1 book. I'll be golden.

So my goals are to:
  • Read a little every day
  • Finish 1 book, make a significant dent in a 2nd
  • Participate in a few challenges


TheBrokenShelf said...

this is your 8th read-a-thon?! wow! It's only my second, but I am so excited about it when I found out at five in the morning that I couldn't go back to sleep. Are you reading A Feast for Crows or are you starting fresh? I'm just curious.

Sarah E said...

I haven't been regularly reading Feast - I need to update my sidebar. Right now I'm reading Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, but I think I should be done by the readathon and will start something else on my TBR - so fresh :)