Monday, June 1, 2015

May Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

May was a hellaciously busy month. The kids had tons of school events. Nick built a bunch of things. The kids got sick and passed it back and forth for 2 weeks. School ended. Mason got so much bigger and personable. I got a new car! SO busy!

Day 1: I can't believe how big Cami has gotten. She's kind of a little diva - full of attitude ;) // Day 2: We spent the weekend working on Cami's first grade scrapbook project for school. She has a newfound love of washi tape! // Day 3: Tried the s'mores frappuccino - not a huge fan. It's really sweet. // Day 4: This little butt has got the best facial expressions haha

Day 5: Finished up decorating for May's Listers Gotta List challenge and then failed to actually participate for most of the month. I'm working on decorating for June right now. // Day 6: Mason was working on coordination - he was kicking the toys with his feet here. // Day 7: I captioned this: "Because I'm an adult" LOL // Day 8: Matthew was gonna toss out this Jake toy, so I snatched it up for my desk.

Day 9: He's a cuddlebug. // Day 10: Mason slept in the crib for the first time on Mother's Day...but he hasn't slept in it for longer than 20 minutes more than a couple times since then :( // Day 11: I am so excited for the new Erin Condren planner release in 8 days. I have gotten hooked on stickers - I got my first Alex Studio subscription and I loved it! // Day 12: The kids had their track & field day. Here's Matt killing it on tug 'o war!

Day 13: He started getting his toys with his hands - course I couldn't get a picture of it. // Day 14: Tried a "secret menu" frappuccino - a tall java chip with 2 pumps mocha and 1 pump hazelnut = Ferrero Rocher frappuccino :) // Day 15: He's getting chubby and it makes me happy. // Day 16: Muffin loves to just lay on me all the time.

Day 17: Omelette in a bag - pretty interesting way to make them. Glad I tried it :) // Day 18: Someone discovered his hands! // Day 19: Matt missed awards day where he got a perfect attendance award - haha. We watched some Iron Chef America and he read a lot while he was sick. // Day 20: Nick built me a kitchen island and Cami a bed this month because he's awesome!

Day 21: Nick took Mason to our room while I prepped bottles for the night and refilled my water cup - I walked in and they were both fast asleep. // Day 22: He gets "Daddy belly time" each night - this night Nick fell asleep too. // Day 23: We had family come in to celebrate Nick's birthday late (because Cami was sick the weekend after his birthday) and grill out. I made Nick this Sour Patch Kid Cake. // Day 24: Mason is 3 months old. And wouldn't stop moving for me to get a good picture LOL

Day 25: We spent the day car shopping and I got to say goodbye to the junkbucket Cadillac in favor of a 2012 Honda Accord - so excited about it! Earlier in the year, the Caddy's brakes went out (not entirely, but they barely worked at all) while I had the kids in the car with me and it was terrifying. I was just waiting for something else to happen to it and put me getting into an accident. // Day 26: I FINALLY GOT SOME THE TONIGHT DOUGH!!! YASSSS!!! // Day 27: Discovered he is a lazy butt and will only hold his head up if I actually prop him up first. // Day 28: BATMAN :)

Day 29: I chopped off like 7 inches off my hair. Couldn't take it anymore. // Day 30: Cami had a spa day birthday party and they did their hair, makeup, and nails. She came home with lip gloss, blue blush, purple eyeshadow, and she lined her eyebrows with something other than brown. // Day 31: Kroger find: A Mickey Mouse & Goofy soup bowl that is now a coffee mug.

And there you have it! My May 2015! What did you do in the month of May?

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