Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

I didn't do so hot keeping up with taking pictures this month. Life has been crazy busy. We've been trying to organize the house (finally) and Nick has been interviewing for a new job. We have our fingers crossed that he gets the one job he interviewed for last week because it would have the same atmosphere as his current job (they are awesome, but are very small as a company and are having to lay off people) and hours similar to what he has now, but at a significant pay raise! Mason has hit an age where I'm constantly holding him or playing with him and he takes 30 to 45 min naps off and on all day. I take advantage of naptime to pump or clean quickly. But he's at a very enjoyable age, so I can't complain too much.

June 1: Sleeping with me in bed - he only did this for a few more weeks and now he's in his crib fulltime :( // June 2: At the doctor's office, showing off his stinkface // June 3: Always so happy in the morning.
June 4: Tummy time - found out he can hold his head up // June 5: Seriously, mom? More tummy time? // June 6: Nick had drill and I had to have both hands to fix dinner. I set Mason up with Matt & Cami and they watched Spongebob together. You gotta do what you gotta do!

June 7: He was smiling and laughing and then I pulled out my camera and he went full Zoolander on me. // June 8: Trying so hard to grab his toy with his feet // June 9: He loves his Bunny Bunny!
June 10: Successfully grabbed the toy with his feet! // June 11: Matthew and I went in for our skin prick test since we've been in TN for almost a year. I'm allergic to everything. Matt's allergic to everything except mold. We start allergy shots soon. // June 12: Bottling day for the Nut Brown.

June 13: Over at Mimi's for swimming. Mimi said he looked like ET haha // June 14: Brinner = Belgian Waffle Sundae (with berry sauce, chocolate chips, hazelnuts, and whipped cream) // June 15: I loooooove crockpot meatballs for spaghetti - and we had bacon wrapped green bean bundles and garlic bread. Best. Dinner. Ever.
June 16: Happy mail: HGTV and One Orange Snowflake goodies for my Erin Condren planner. // June 17: Enjoying some Yoplait Plenti #sp while catching up on my budget binder stuff // June 18: Matthew and Cami have been furiously making comics this month and came up with a logo for their company. :)

June 19: Smiley boy - his eyes are definitely blue like mine - I'm 3 for 3! // June 20: My rose gold 18 month Erin Condren planner got here :) Can't wait to start sharing my weekly spreads. I chose vertical again. // June 21: Deep fried cinnamon rolls. YUM.
June 22: Kroger is about as bad as Target for me...look at that basket - it's ceramic and for bread and it matches my butter crock. // June 23: THAT FACE!! // June 24: 4 months old and in his Lion King onesie that is my favorite onesie of his.

June 25: A nice Southern meal. // June 26: Spinach pizza dough - it was the bomb! // June 27: I made two ice creams while I waited for the pizza dough to rise and we tried them the next day. Biscoff cookie dough and monster cookie dough - both really good. I'll post the recipes on my food blog.
June 28: The kids got to hang out with their second cousins for two days (they hadn't seen them in like 2 years) and they were so excited and happy about it. // June 29: Mason got Cami's hair haha - already aggravating her! // June 30: Waking up is hard work,  y'all.

And there is our June - I will be attempting more picture taking in July. I've been such a slacker. OOF.

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