Thursday, August 6, 2015

July Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

One week later...I finally get this post up. Whoops! I've been swamped lately and trying to play catch up and oof! This week is our last week of summer break. Then begins the new school year and me having to work around less baby naps to do the pick up and drop off of the older two. It's going to be very interesting to say the least. Add in the allergy shots twice a week and probably the beginning of extra curricular activities and I can say that I am going to feel like a soccer mom, for sure! Plus Nick started a new job last week, so that's fun.

Last month, I didn't do so hot taking pictures. I'm missing 6 days here. Oops.

Jul 1: Nick's mom brought these cute! // Jul 2: Mason LOVES when Nick plays guitar // Jul 3: He smiles all the time // Jul 4: Rolling over! He does this all the time now.

Jul 5: I agreed to cut her hair short if she let me do bangs :) // Jul 6: Steak, asparagus, and cheesy bacon potatoes...MMMM // Jul 7: Our first round of allergy shots - Matt likes the computers there. // Jul 8: Skyline night.

Jul 10: My boys! // Jul 11: These cookies are the bomb! I'm posting the recipe this month on the food blog. // Jul 13: Cami has a nest of wasps in her bedroom window, plus a spider. We've had our own nature tv show in July - Wasp v. Spider. Spoiler alert: spider wins! And decapitates said wasp. We watched ants raid the wasp nest this week and take the larva away. // Jul 14: Half the time, Mason just wants to smile and talk instead of eat.

Jul 15: We binge watched 3 seasons of Vikings. // Jul 16: Still my favorite cloth diaper // Jul 17: Putting a spin on my mom's caramel roll recipe // Jul 18: Little Trekkie!

Jul 19: Nick's mom got me a sign for above my coffee bar! // Jul 20: Found this copy of Fangirl and super cute Remember notepad at Target. // Jul 21: Stinker. // Jul 24: Five Guys after allergy shots.

Jul 25: Mr. Henry Duckbutt III // Jul 26: He loves the exersaucer and now won't smile much for the camera :S // Jul 28: I got my Silhouette this month! YAY!  // Jul 30: Mason sleeps on the couch until we go to bed...and he's just stinking cute!

And there you have it...most of our July. Lots of baby...of course! :)

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