Monday, February 8, 2016

January Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

I totally give up on trying to keep days straight because I did not take pictures on like 3 days during January. I have become OBSESSED with Snapchat. Love it. It's fun to see what a typical day is like, I think. So here's what our January looked like:

Wore our Vikings gear after they kicked the Packers' butts! :) And then we lost to the Seahawks - typical. // Finally put up my decorations - hate that day of the year. It takes FOREVER. // Little man literally squats for most of the day. He has buns of steel! // My old wedding ring was scaring me with how tight it was. I managed to get it off (I STILL have an indent where it was) and I got a new ring that fits well. It's sapphire because that's my favorite stone. I love it. //  Chex mix time! // I love sleeping baby faces! // Leftovers from NYE eaten NYD...meatballs with queso - heck yes!

Bright eyes! Everyone compliments Mason's bright blue eyes. // I can't believe Cami will be 8 soon :( // Mason loves his little puppy - he gives him smother hugs. // Tut the Cat // Beautiful sunrise. // I got gas for 69 cents, guys. I have NEVER purchased gas that cheap! // Dressed in warm gear but not bulky gear. Safety first.

Selfie...because I was having a good hair/eyebrow day. // Chicken Parm is life. // I love how close Matthew and Cami are...they have such a special bond. // One day at 26* and the next at the same temp. // We had the joy of replacing our ooooooold heat and a/c unit - it decided to stop working.

Some days I cannot take how cute this baby is. I want like a million more kids. // New mug I got at Starbucks. It's so cute. All my favorite colors. // Super fog (I was at a stop sign, fyi). // Mason loves selfies. // 47*...Knoxville is crazy. It was 70* one day last week. // Spongebob Monopoly with Matt & Cami was so much fun.

And that about sums up our January :) What did y'all do in January?

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