Friday, May 13, 2016

April Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

April was a hectic, but good month. I had a stress test to see how my heart was doing with the meds and it was perfect. The cardiologist was very happy about it. So that stress test ended up being the decider for a road trip up to Ohio to go to my sister-in-law Kathleen's baby shower. She's due in like a little over 2 weeks and I'm so excited. It will be my first nephew!! :) So let's get into this month in pictures...

I ended up straightening up my desk and it's been staying pretty neat. So proud haha // Saydee girl
I honestly don't know what filter did this, but it was a super dark picture and then it turned all artsy-fartsy // LOVE this monthly view kit for June!!

Mason has been hanging out in the dog crate lately. He closes the door and everything. // I'm a Panda!
The Force Awakens was so good. We had lots of good snacks too. // We finally got patio furniture!!

 Sleeping babies are my weakness. // Full face of makeup and it didn't look awful!
Seriously - look at his chunky sleeping face!! // Constantly multitasking.

Love a good southern meal :) // New washi I found at Target
While in Ohio, my main two goals were to get Marian's Pizza and Skyline. I've been hearing about them for 12 years long and had never been to Cincinnati or Dayton and I was bound and determined to get them both. They were so worth the wait. Loved them both.

Beautiful spring day // First time having chimchurri (on steak to boot)
Lemon and chicken stir fry I made from my Secret Recipe Club assignment. SO GOOD! // Cheese is life - this has gouda, Vermont sharp cheddar, and, the best cheese I've ever had, bruschetta jack.

The infamous Ellis Family sourdough coffeecake - first time making it and I made it perfectly! // Recipe developing - guess what I made?!
Iced coffee was needed // What we do best
Homemade beef stew is so good! // Our patio table came and I added a nice pot of hydrangeas...but they are dead now. Gonna try and transplant them to see if they will bloom again.
I have been working on making more desserts during the week to surprise the kids. They loved these cookie sundae cups! // I finally wore my Origami Owl necklace that I got from my mom-in-law for Christmas. Love that is so food themed :) She knows me well!

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