Monday, May 9, 2016

Bout of Books 16 [Goals & Progress]

Bout of Books

Hello, fellow bookworms!! :) It is my 13th time participating in BOB and I'm going to keep my goals simple and my progress in between doing a daily update, making a huge post, and doing one continuous update, making a small, small post. I'm currently reading "The Wicked Will Rise" by Danielle Paige and "We Should Hang Out Sometime" by Josh Sundquist. Starting at 53% and 34%, respectively.

**Read a little every day
**Finish one book


I feel like I made a great deal of progress during the readathon this time. I went from 53% to 68% in The Wicked Will Rise. I went from 34% to 100% in We Should Hang Out Sometime (and reviewed it!). And lastly, I started Extraordinary Means and have ended the readathon at 45%. Over 400 pages read and 1 book finished. I read each day and that makes me happy!

Monday and Tuesday
Currently reading:

Pages read: 9 + 29 // 6 + 9
Thoughts: MON - I feel like I barely read yesterday, but I got 3% further into the first book and 10% further into the second. I also participated in the #insixwords introduction challenge by posting a comment on the Bout of Books blog. TUES - Very busy day again with Field Day and allergy shots. Not a lot of reading got done, but I am hoping to read more today!!

Wednesday and Thursday
Currently reading:

Pages read: 182 + 23 // 11 + 27
Thoughts: WEDS - Had a really great reading day - finished 1 book and got to 64% in The Wicked Will Rise. Hoping for another great reading day on Thursday. THURS - We decided to go to the kids' museum night at their school, so I didn't read as much as I wanted to. I'm plum exhausted to say the least. I started Extraordinary Means though.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Currently reading:

Pages read: 31 // 71 // 23
Thoughts: FRI - My goal today is to make a dent in these books. I'm at 68% in The Wicked Will Rise and 8% in Extraordinary Means. SAT - I have been focusing on Extraordinary Means almost exclusively. It is such a good book! SUN - Last day of the readathon and I'm trying to figure out which direction I should go - try to finish TWWR because I'm at 68% or keep reading EM because it is unbelievably good. I'm at 38% right now.

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