Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Photo-a-Day Part 2: my month in pictures

Hi, everyone! I am behind schedule but catching up as best I can. So here is Part 2 of the August Photo-a-day post and I did get a picture every single day from Aug 16 to Aug 31, so go me!

We have begun to let Mason use a toddler fork and he seems to like it even though he's not the best at getting food on it quite yet. He is practicing :) // Saydee girl // Chipmunks have been around all spring and summer. I'm pretty sure they ate plants in my garden. // Cutie pie at Cracker Barrel!

Not sure why I took a picture, but pretty soon the green will be reds, oranges, and yellows. Can't wait! // "Here, Muffin, want a drink?" // Every once in a while, I get a picture of this little man sleeping. #creepermom // It's hard to get ready for sleep when you have this at your feet haha

Mason looks so big and it makes me want to cry! He is 18 months old now. // All three pets hanging out while Mason napped. // Those plants that I talked about being eaten...look at them :( // Constantly climbing and thank goodness for a very difficult deadbolt!

I have literally been wanting collards all month long and finally got them. // PUMPKIN CREAMER. Last year, my Kroger had their brand stocked once while I was there and never had the International Delight at all. I can't do the Coffeemate. I think it tastes awful. // Mason's newest favorite thing is to see how many of his clothes he can wear in one day. *sigh* Toddlers are fun, guys! // Last, but not least, sleeping Mr. Baby (aka my little nephew, Ezra!).

And there is the end of August for me. September is already proving to be such a fun month, but I expected that because it is always the best month!! :)

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