Thursday, September 15, 2016

September Photo-a-Day Part 1: my month in pictures

September is already off to a good start. It's my favorite month (not because it's my birthday month)! :) Nick returned from ALC (six weeks in Fort Gordon for the Army) and we have had his brother, Zack, and his wife, Chantal, come into town. Hopefully in my next post, my first little niece will have arrived - she's due to come on the 26th!

Nick surprised us by coming home for Labor Day weekend - he had two more days of class after their day off on Monday, but didn't want to be away any longer. He got him some baby cuddles...which he soon found out aren't a thing anymore LOL. // We went on a lunch date with Mason in tote and he had his first grilled cheese. He's also learning how to use a fork :) // Nick also found out how much Mason has changed since he has been gone. He climbs everything. Even if you are in the room, you have to pay attention because he is QUICK. Nick made me take the picture before he grabbed him down. // My baby nephew, Ezra, is super adorable. I love seeing his little face! Even if it is just in picture form for now. // Mason's expression when I interrupt his Paw Patrol episode haha

I restarted PokemonGO and caught a Dragonite - I think I was only a level 12 or 13 at the time. Didn't even have a Dratini or Dragonair yet. It's my strongest Pokemon still. Love having that spawn point across the street from our house LOL. // It was quiet in the room and I turned around to find lil man almost asleep on his couch and Saydee sleeping right next to him.

He is still trying to get used to this school schedule. Some mornings he is awake before 7 and then he doesn't make it to 12 when he goes down for his only nap. // Turned around during Mason's naptime to find all the animals hanging out right behind me.

This picture cracks me up!! All of us girls were snapchatting. I have Matthew, my sister-in-law Em is holding onto Mason, who decided to climb on the couch, and my sister-in-law Chantal has Cami.

We went to Kroger to get some chicken strips and waffle mix and saw the Weinermobile! I've never seen it before and it was awesome! Cami got a Weinie Whistle and a sticker. Unfortunately, Matthew missed it. // First PSL of the season - stuffed in my cart so Mason couldn't grab it and throw it. // Found Mason the CUTEST Chase (Paw Patrol) costume for Halloween. He held it the whole way through Target pointing at Rubble, Chase, and Marshall on the front. // I made a pea soup with egg dumplings and it was delicious...I used a ham hock (pig foot) for the first time and the soup was super flavorful and I actually loved the dumplings! // And then last for the first part of this, Mason decided to grind his teeth at me until I gave him a bite of the ground beef in my stuffed pepper at lunch today. He's a little mooch :)

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