Friday, September 30, 2016

September Photo-a-Day Part 2: my month in pictures

It's time again for some more picture sharing as September has come to an end. I am sad for September to end, but October is pretty awesome too, so I'm ready for more pumpkin and cooler weather (finally) and sweaters and boots to happen! Now let's get into what happened in the second half of the month!

I didn't mean to have the flash on, but it turned out to be a super cute picture of Nick and Cami - she looks so much like him. It's insane. // Kroger has got to STOP with the cute dinnerware. // Mason adores his brother's Cars cars. It melts my heart to see him play with them just like his big Bubba did. // Mason also loves Matthew's Furby, but the thing is creepy af when its batteries die.

When you're so pale the Snapchat filter blurs out your whole face haha // Saydee is scared of the dark...not looking forward to less daylight for the next few months. // Cami got a new bed (because she kept stuffing things under her old one) - not gonna lie, I'm jealous - it's awesome! // How to wrangle 3 kids in Target LOL

He loves Chicka Chicka! // Our first niece was born on the 23rd and she's a total cutie pie. The older kids love her...Mason, not so much. He's a little green-eyed monster. // He is learning the word "no" is not fun to hear. Look at that pout! // Little Presley Marie - look at her!! So cute!

Had to get a picture of Uncle Nick (husband) and Presley's Daddy (Nick, my brother-in-law) exchanging war stories - it was too funny. They were talking about their deployments and I teased them for being crusty old veterans. // Mason loves Muffin...she just tolerates him. She let him lay on her. // He's been a little bum first thing in the morning lately. Just wants to cuddle on his couch.

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