Saturday, December 17, 2016

December Photo-a-Day Part 1: my month in pictures

I have no idea what day it is...well, I do, but it definitely takes me a hot minute each day to figure things out. Nick has worked two weekends in December and now he's on vacation. When he works weekends, I feel like it's Monday on a Saturday and then I just lose track of my days. I was supposed to get this up on Thursday the 15th, but failed to do so. I had my pictures ready to go, but forgot to log onto my blog and make this post. I know it's highly doubtful that I will get back on track until my big kids go back to school in January. *sigh* I need an adult! So let me show you what is going on in my neck of the woods!

Mason has discovered boxes and they are one of his favorite things now. Although he got really angry when he couldn't fit all the way in this one.
Cami made her Turkey in Disguise into Elsa and the sign says "Let it Go-bble" which she came up with herself and I thought was just absolutely hilarious. // Another box for the Little // I decided to not take the stroller with when we took Cami to her ENT appointment (which went very well) and Mason did pretty well. Still not there where we can do no stroller all the time. // I'm trying to break Saydee of this habit after transferring a million pictures of her like this one LOL

Mason hanging out with the Muffin kitty. I'm pretty sure he was eating in this picture haha
I started watching my niece after Halloween and she's just now starting to really interact and smile and coo. // Another Saydee on the couch pic // Chestnut broke his leg - because the children peeked in my planner and saw my plans for him. So he needed a little "break" LOL // The most rotten toddler ever.

I think this may be the first time I have ever seen the cats this close and Bella tolerating being laid on. She must have been quite cold for Muffin to be able to do that.
Little Miss Presley in such a cute outfit // Car line selfies...because #momlife // Snapchat cracks me up. This is Cami faceswapping with Presley // We have a little burrower bahaha

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