Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Photo-a-Day Part 2: my month in pictures

Not a hefty load of pictures today, I actually am missing five, but I'm also writing this 4 days late oops. I'm going to backdate it and leave it at that. I'll pretend that I really published it when I was supposed to LOL.

We watched Elf together and I snapped this picture because it was so funny and cute. Saydee cuddled up between the two kids, licking on Cami, Bella chilling in the background, Nick laying on Cami LOL // SpiderElf, SpiderElf // For our 10th wedding anniversary, Nick picked me up an Aerogarden because the chipmunks ate all of my plants this past summer. It's the coolest thing ever. // Wolfy tail // My Bella kitteh.

We are beyond blessed with a big family and it's grown a lot in 2016 with two new littles added from my husband's sisters. Mason loves his little cousins! Here he is hugging on his 7 mo old cousin, Ezra. // We decided to let Mason skip his nap on Christmas Day to maximize our family time...he fell asleep during Christmas dinner. // My brother-in-law has been helping redo our mantle and fireplace area each time he comes into town. The boys (Nick and Big Mason) built shelves, placed the mantle on, and mounted the tv this time around. They're hoping to do the stone and set in the insert properly in February and that should be it! // Big Mason and Kathleen (my husband's sister) brought their dog Klaus down and Saydee was so sad when he left :( // A week into germination and my little herb garden has some sprouts!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season - no matter what holiday, if any, you celebrated, and I hope everyone has a safe, prosperous, and happy 2017. xoxo

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