Monday, October 16, 2017

R.I.P. Readathon

The RIP Readathon is hosted by Paige of Creating and Co - it runs from October 16 to the 22nd. There are 7 challenges (listed below), plus daily photo challenges and three bonus challenges. PLUS Paige created a readathon sticker kit just for this week and I will be sharing that later today here on the blog, but it should be live on Youtube the same time this post goes up.

My TBR contains three books and I'm hoping to get through these three for sure.

  1. CREATURE FEATURE: Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris
  2. 2017 RELEASE: The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson
  3. BOOK IN 1 DAY: Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
  4. SPOOKY COVER: The Sandcastle Empire
  7. ADAPTATION: Sleepy Hollow
Monday, 12:25pm: I have finished Sleepy Hollow. I rated it 1 star because I hated it. You can read my short review here. It did, however, bring me to 52 books read this year...meaning I've finished my 2017 Goodreads Challenge!!! And I have plenty of leftover time to read with no fear of being x books behind. YAY! It also completed the Book in 1 Day and Adaptation challenges.

Tuesday, 11:14am: I also finished the second half of A Wrinkle in Time yesterday, which I started prior to the readathon, so it won't count towards finished books, but will count towards page count. I started Deadlocked and read 26% last night and I'm currently at 51% right now.

Thursday, 7:52am: I ended up finishing Deadlocked on Tuesday and got through 3% of Dead Ever After (the last Southern Vampire Mystery book) that evening. Yesterday, I only got through 15% more of Dead Ever After because it was such a busy day. I'm starting today at 18%. I hope to finish it today and then start my final book for the readathon, The Sandcastle Empire. 

Friday, 7:48am: I didn't read too much yesterday - only 20 pages. I am going to go ahead and start The Sandcastle Empire because there are only three days left and I want to make sure I finish it.

Sunday, 7:45am: I haven't read very much in the last few days. Friday, I read a total of 17 pages of The Sandcastle Empire. Yesterday, I read 3 pages of Dead Ever After, so OUCH. But I knew that Saturday would be rough. Today is the last day and I hope to finish it on a good note :) My goal is to read at least 200 pages.

Finish Line: I did not read 200 pages on the final day, but that's okay. I still feel pretty happy with what I accomplished throughout the week. I finished 3 books (only 2 for the readathon) and I'm a quarter of the way through the last Sookie book. This was so much fun and I cannot wait for the next Creating & Co hosted readathon :) Thank you to Paige and Shanon for hosting the event!

Total books finished: 2
Pages read: 28 (Sleepy Hollow) + 110 (A Wrinkle in Time) + 335 (Deadlocked) + 89 (Dead Ever After) + 30 (The Sandcastle Empire)
Total pages read: 589

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