Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The House Cup Reading Challenge [TBR]

I discovered this reading challenge last week and was totally game for anything Harry Potter themed. This challenge is hosted by Lauren of Live, Love, Read, Alex of Book Daisy Reviews, Kelsey of Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf, and Erica of Escape Under the Cover. It runs from October 15 to November 12. Sign ups close on October 14.

During this challenge, you will start as a first year student and go through your seventh year at Hogwarts with some additional bonus challenges thrown in.  You can find out more information on the blogs linked above - all the links go to the information posts!

I am a Ravenclaw, so I will be reporting my house points to Alex @booksydaisy. Each of the year boxes will earn you 20 house points. They can be any books off your TBR. One book off your TBR finished equals 20 house points. Bonus challenges are 10 house points each. And you can earn up to 20 house points for using the hashtag #housecupreadingchallenge on Twitter.

Name: Sarah
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw (former Hufflepuff)
Wand Type: Walnut wood, Dragon heartstring core , 9 ¾" in length, Rigid flexibility (basically my wand is a BAMF)
Pet: Cat (which is also my Patronus)
Favorite Subject: Transfiguration
Favorite Professor: Professor McGonagall

I'm going to have to come back and add more books because I have to figure out what I want to read for at least one more readathon taking place during this reading challenge :)
  • The Sandcastle Empire by Kayla Olson [for the RIP Readathon] - done - SLYTHERIN - 10 pt
  • Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving [for the RIP Readathon] - done - FIRST YEAR - 20 pt
  • Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris [for the RIP Readathon] - done - SECOND YEAR - 20 pt
  • Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris - done - THIRD YEAR - 20 pt
  • After Dead by Charlaine Harris - done - FOURTH  YEAR - 20 pt
  • A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle - done - PLATFORM 9 3/4 - 10 pt
  • The Surrendered by Case Maynard - done - FIFTH YEAR - 20 pt
  • If I Stay by Gayle Forman - done - SIXTH YEAR - 20 pt
  • Read Me Like a Book by Liz Kessler - done - SEVENTH YEAR - 20 pt

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