Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bout of Books Readathon: Day 2

Yesterday, I was able to finish Insurgent {review: here} and start City of Glass. I'm 30% through right now. The story is finally picking up. I hope to finish it today and start on City of Fallen Angels.

Today's challenge comes from Celine of Nyx Book Reviews {here}

PART ONE: Share your most shocking, embarrassing or funny book related story.
As a child, I always read until 3 or 4am. I'm talking like elementary school age. I wasn't allowed to read after bedtime, so I read via streetlamp light in my room. This resulted in having to get glasses in 3rd grade. That's right, because I was such a big bookworm and couldn't put the books down - I screwed up my eyesight. :P

PART TWO: Answer all of these "this or that" questions.

Physical book or eBook? I like both. I prefer ebook when I'm not at home so my book doesn't get messed up though.
Paperback or Hardcover? Paperback is easier to read, but hardcover is more durable...I guess hardcover.
Reality or Make-believe? Make-believe!
Adult or Young-Adult? Young adult!
Dog ears or Bookmarks? *GASP* NO NO NO dog ears! EEP! Bookmarks all the way!
Breaking the spine or Barely open the book? I end up breaking the spine, no matter how hard I try not to.
Tea or Coffee? Coffee
Reading in bed or On the couch? Couch, I get too tired reading in my bed.
 Series or Standalone? Both!
Original or TV Adaptation? Original for sure!
 Defy motion sickness or Audiobooks? I defy motion sickness :) I find it hard to listen to audiobooks.
Author crushes or Who-was-that-guy-again? I guess neither. Most of my fave authors are women :P
Interview or Guest post? Interview - I adore author interviews.
And just a little update on my goals:
  • I want to read 1 book a day or at least 1/2 a book each day of the readathon. - Yesterday I read half of Insurgent (and finished it) and then 18% of City of Glass - 350 pages total.
  • I want to participate in one Twitter chat. - There's one tomorrow at 9pm EST, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to do it then :(
  • I want to finish all of my April books and half of my May books. - I have two more April books after this one.
 Books I'm hoping to read:
  • Jane Was Here by Sarah Kerochan (April)
  • City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (April) - working on this one right now.
  • City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare (April)
  • City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare (May)
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith (May)
  • Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (May)
  • Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (May)
  • Insurgent by Veronica Roth (YA Goodreads Group - May)
  • Delirium by Lauren Oliver (YA Goodreads Group - May)
  • Still Alice by Lisa Genova (Clamhouse Book Club - May)
  • Netgalley books: Dark Frost, Dark Kiss, The Girl in the Clockwork Collar, Titanic: The Long Night, Escaping the Titanic, The Weepers, The Immortal Rules
I am updating here on my Twitter and Facebook during the readathon. Mostly Twitter though :)


Reviewing Shelf said...

Yep, that's me. Reading till 3/4 am. It's 3:30 an right now, by the way. ;)

creativedeeds said...

Great progress. Can't wait to see what you think of the rest of the MI books. I'm planning on starting CoLS later this week. Can't wait!

kimba88 said...

Loved Insurgent..hope ya did too. Great progress, I am now following you..i love meeting new book lovers and finding new blogs..YAY!