Friday, October 30, 2015

Baby Mason: Eight Months

It seems like the months are just flying by. This little guy is not so little and the milestones have really come in like a hurricane over the last month. He is now standing. Last month he was barely able to crawl.

Sleeping on his big Bubba *AWW* // Cheesing it up while I put Matt's old hat on him.

Stats: Not sure, we don't go back until next month!
Eating: He is doing half and half for "milk" right now. Half formula, half breastmilk. Some days he eats more of one or the other, but he seems to tolerate it well. I'm hoping that as he transitions to eating more solid foods that breastmilk will go back to being the sole liquid. I tried to get my supply back up, but all the meds I've been on in the last two months really messed with my supply. Right now I'm trying to maintain what I'm pumping. Some is better than none, I do suppose. Mason continues to love his baby food purees. He has added to the mix: corn, pineapple, oatmeal, asparagus, beets, pomegranate, blackberry, spinach, zucchini, quinoa, yogurt, guava, strawberry, black bean, kiwi, granola (in apple pumpkin puree), kale, cucumber, mac & cheese [puree], black cherry, grape, and plum. He wasn't the biggest fan of the raspberry carrot puree - I think raspberries are a bit tart to him. And he didn't like the black bean and corn puree. We tried a meat - ham and ham gravy - it was a no go. I haven't tried puffs in a few weeks because the last time he gagged and threw up because I couldn't get it off his tongue fast enough. I just bought some stage 3 baby foods and I hope that by 9 months, he can start some table foods. We give him bites of whatever we are eating - or rather the juices - and he's not sure on that yet.
Sleeping: This little the last week, he has been off with napping. He refuses his 11am nap and then won't sleep unless I sleep with him. I am hoping this is short-lived and possibly related to teething. He's been waking up at 10:30p and 12:30a and then sleeping through until 6:30a. Otherwise, he is pretty easy going as far as sleep goes. Matt & Cami were NOT this easy.
Wearing: 9-12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.
Personality: He is still a big sweetheart. Any place we go regularly, everyone asks if he ever cries because he always so calm and quiet out and about. He's that way at home too. The only times he ever really cries (aside from crawling/standing mishaps) is when you don't get food/bottle to him fast enough. He loves his brother and sister. Any time we are around school age kids, he smiles and watches them all, looking for Matt & Cami. He loves to jump! He gets a lot of attention when we are out and about, but he's really not big on strangers right now. He doesn't cry, but he does watch them very carefully. And, of course, he is a momma's boy. AND I LOVE IT! :)
Milestones: Since last month, Mason has begun crawling like a pro, he can sit himself up from crawling position and sits unassisted very well, and he has just recently begun to pull to standing. He is getting braver and letting go with both hands. Just today, he started using his teeth to gnaw, so he was trying out his 3rd stage foods.

  • Eating - this kid loves baby food!
  • His schedule - he also is a creature of 11am he wants his baby food and gets really fussy until he gets it. 
  • Tags - he is obsessed!!
  • Jumping
  • Blowing raspberries 
  • Blankets - he's obsessed
  • Having to sit still
  • Having to wait for food
  • Getting his clothes changed

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