Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Baby Mason: Nine Months

*cries* My baby is getting too big. I hate how fast this goes. Little guy is actually about to be 10 months on the 24th.

Stats: 19 lb 1.5 oz, 27.5" long - he's in the 25th percentile for both weight and height, but 50th percentile for head circumference. He's my little baby and I'm okay with that :)
Eating: He is now on formula full-time (since he turned 9 months basically). He takes about 5 seven oz bottle of formula per day. He is literally just now transitioning from a 2 oz bottle at 3am. The last two nights he hasn't woken up for it. He is still eating purees. I think once his top teeth come in that he will go for table food. It's strange to me because both Matt & Cami were on table foods by now. Mason just isn't sure on the textures yet and that's okay. He won't be going to kindergarten eating purees. :) No real new foods because he's literally eaten all the purees they have LOL
Sleeping: He's down to 2 naps, sometimes 3 naps. He's been a little clingy at night lately and sleeping with us for part of the night, but overall, he mostly sleeps in the crib.
Wearing: 9-12m clothing. His 9 months are starting to get a little snug. Size 3 diapers.
Personality: Stranger danger is in full force! He's not big on there being a ton of people around him and gets a little overwhelmed if there is a lot of loud noise. He is more likely to smile shyly at women than men. He's still my sweet baby - literally the most rotten child ever, but he's sweet. Mason is definitely a momma's boy - yay!! He recently learned that he can be told no and he will throw a fake fit if he feels like it. Fake fit consists of sitting down, bending in half, smacking the floor a few times, and fake wailing. He's gonna be a fun toddler :S
Milestones: Standing like it's nothing - he can go from sitting to standing without using anything to help him. He is clapping and has figured out how to click his tongue which he finds fascinating. He has taken a max of 5 steps, but no full-on walking yet.

  • Pulling my hair or glasses
  • Saydee licking his hands 
  • Music - especially kpop and punk pop
  • Saydee licking his face
  • Being told no
  • Loud noises
  • Strangers
His Thanksgiving outfit: turkey, pie, nap (repeat)

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