Friday, December 4, 2015

November Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

Once again, I'm a little late on this. Actually I'm really writing this up on the 2nd, but I'm not posting until Friday because I don't want to post too much. I didn't take pictures every day because I'm awful, but hey...I made my post, so I guess I'm not too awful.

Descriptions will go top caption is for large picture, bottom caption is for three on the right.

We got Saydee on Halloween - she didn't hesitate to fit in.
We finally got new bedding and I love it. Got a sweater throw to go over our quilt // She looks so teeny here. Mini GSD!! // That is a turkey vulture. WTH?!

 Little man, little man, how'd you get so cute?! - We sing that...a lot!
Bottling day for the hard apple cider // Mooching // Kroger finally go the fine wine section to prep for when they start selling wine in January!!

 Chewing away at the Veteran's Day luncheon - Nick was an honoree for an ETMAC award :)
About to head out to our fave place: Target // Cami making a welcome home sign for her ZukaZack (Uncle Zack) who came home for two weeks from Germany // Holding him because he wouldn't lay in his crib for bed.

 Finally did my makeup and what not and my face had to be supa red (although it's hard to see it - I swear it's super red).
Mom lunchtime = 2:14pm // That sweet puppy face // Another tree fell :S

 Mason decided that I wasn't going to eat my salad for lunch.
The mountains were gorgeous from where we got family pictures done // Prepping cookies for the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap // HABANEROS!! We haven't had them in months. I made Nick and his brother kamikaze fries with them.

 9 months old :( I hate that he's already so close to a year :(((((((
Spent most of Wednesday prepping for Thanksgiving. // Tree was put up in record time on Friday // ZukaZack left us a little surprise outside the house LOL

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