Friday, July 7, 2017

Series Challenge - Update #2

At the beginning of 2017 I was in the middle of 63 series. In March, I went through my TBR and removed books I no longer was interested in or series I knew I was never going to finish. In the past 3 months (April, May, June), I didn't read a lot of my series books. I just wasn't feeling it. However, I'm still proud to new series added!

As of 7/1...
I have finished 0 series.
I have started 0 new series
I have read 1 books in series.

I am currently in the middle of 57 series. Still. :S

You can check out my list of series books here. I will be back in the beginning of October for my third update. I do hope to finish 5 series by then. I want to say my goal for the year is 10 and I have NOT done reached the halfway point yet :/ Oops!

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