Monday, February 5, 2018

#AYearAThon [February TBR]

Each first full week of the month, a #AYearAThon readathon is held and there are themes and challenges for each month. In the month of February, the theme is NEW TO YOU AUTHORS with the challenge of reading translated books. It runs from February 5 to 11.

Updated on 2/11: My reading has finally slowed down. I read 3 books the first three days of February and then this past week has been much slower. Partly due to my big kids only going to school on Wednesday and partly because Mason is a crazy kid. I finished Scythe on Friday evening and I'm working on The Cruel Prince now. Tomorrow, another readathon starts and if I haven't finished The Cruel Prince, I'll probably put it down until I finish the books on my TBR for the week :)
Updated on 2/12: Although I had hoped to maintain my reading blitz I was on, I slowed down this week and only finished Scythe. I got a little over 10% into The Cruel Prince, but since I'm doing three weeks of readathons in February (because I'm crazy), I am setting it aside to finish my next TBR. Overall though, I'm pleased with how much I read and I'm looking forward to finishing The Cruel Prince later on.

Total books finished: 1
Total pages read: 435 + 48 = 483

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