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Article 5 [Book Review]

*3.5 stars*

#1 in Article 5 series
Kindle Edition, 368 pages
Published January 31st 2012 by Tor Teen
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New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., have been abandoned.

The Bill of Rights has been revoked, and replaced with the Moral Statutes.

There are no more police—instead, there are soldiers. There are no more fines for bad behavior—instead, there are arrests, trials, and maybe worse. People who get arrested usually don't come back.

Seventeen-year-old Ember Miller is old enough to remember that things weren’t always this way. Living with her rebellious single mother, it’s hard for her to forget that people weren’t always arrested for reading the wrong books or staying out after dark. It’s hard to forget that life in the United States used to be different.

Ember has perfected the art of keeping a low profile. She knows how to get the things she needs, like food stamps and hand-me-down clothes, and how to pass the random home inspections by the military. Her life is as close to peaceful as circumstances allow.

That is, until her mother is arrested for noncompliance with Article 5 of the Moral Statutes. And one of the arresting officers is none other than Chase Jennings…the only boy Ember has ever loved.

My Thoughts:
Here's the scoop: this book had an interesting start and after she [highlight for spoiler: escapes from the reformatory and rehabilitation center], things just go a little downhill. Traveling was very drawn out and I do understand that to an extent. I've road tripped i-81 more than 20 times and it's boring. Not necessarily something I want to read about. I was really excited for when they got to Knoxville. That's home and so it was easy for me to picture Market Square and different surroundings because I am SO familiar with them. It just didn't have enough actual substance for me to want to continue on with the series. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.

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