Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top Ten Character Names I Love

I thought that I would have a really hard time with this one, but I ended up filling up the list quickly. I didn't realize there were so many names I could recall that were unique that I loved. In no particular order...
  1. Karou [Daughter of Smoke & Bone series] - my Kindle's name is Karou :)
  2. Lilac [These Broken Stars trilogy] - I really love how old-timey this name is and think it's really cool with how futuristic the novel is.
  3. Graylee [Spellbound trilogy] - Even though I decided not to finish the series after finishing the second, I really love the name Graylee.
  4. Daenarys [A Song of Ice and Fire series] - hands-down my favorite name in the series.
  5. Spencer [Pretty Little Liars series] - I really love boyish names that fit for girls.
  6. Warner [Shatter Me series] - You don't really hear this name a lot for boys and I like it.
  7. Deuce [Razorland trilogy] - Such a BAMF name for a girl and it really fits her personality and strength.
  8. Marina [All Our Yesterdays] - part of this may be the whole mom thing where I am in love with old Marina on Fresh Beat Band, but yeah...love!
  9. Grimalkin [Iron Fey series] - Had to include my favorite kitty cat. I will be naming a future cat Grimalkin...mark my words.
  10. Tobias [Divergent trilogy] - When I was a kid, Tobias was one of my favorite boy names and I so badly wanted to name my first Tobias and nickname him Toby.
And there you have it!

What are your favorite book character names? Do any of you with ereaders, name your devices after book characters?

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