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Winter Chill [Book Review]

Paperback, 352 pages
Published August 6th 2013 by Kensington (first published December 1984)
ISBN: 0758289774
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The moment Marian Larsen sees the patrol car stop outside her house, she feels a shiver of foreboding. The news is even worse than she feared. Marian's husband and young daughter have been in a snowmobile crash. Dan is paralysed and Laura is dead, her body broken on the icy ground.

. . .With A Chilling Secret

Friends and colleagues in Marian's Minnesota home town rally around to try and ease her grief. But soon there are more horrible accidents. Then the rumours start--that these are not coincidences at all, that someone is picking off victims one by one. And as winter deepens, the search for answers will reveal a killer whose blood runs colder than the blinding snow. . .

My Thoughts:
Disclaimer: I received a e-copy from NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinions.
I requested this book from NetGalley simply for the fact that it is a Joanne Fluke book. I was recommended her Hannah Swensen series and just absolutely adore it. Being a Minnesota girl myself, I feel like I connect really well with the characters and experiences in daily life. I was a little weary when I started out since it's a thriller adult novel and that's not my typical genre, but Fluke captured me and held me throughout the book.

The story begins with a very tragic snowmobile accident. I wish I could say that snowmobile accidents are foreign to me, but as a kid, a lot of folks got in them - some fatal, others not. I felt so bad for Marian Larsen, who is mourning the death of her daughter and dealing with a husband who is so overwhelmed by guilt that his brain is keeping him from walking. When Marian started acting a little cuckoo, I thought that it was a bit understandable. When Dan starts suspecting it's more than just a little cuckoo, I started questioning whose side I was on.

The ending of the book was probably my absolute favorite. I think I just sat with my jaw dropped for a good 10 minutes after I finished. It was a heart-stopping end, for sure. I am really glad that I was able to read this book, thanks to NetGalley, and I hope some of y'all pick it up even if it isn't your typical genre!

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