Wednesday, January 13, 2016

December Photo-a-Day: my month in pictures

I know it seems late, but I wanted to space out my posts a little so that they aren't all in the first part of the month. So...without further ado, let's get into how December was for us :)

Cami made the no-cavity board - they hadn't changed it over to December yet. // PMS hit hard and I heated up a plate of taco meat for chip dip. It was the best thing ever. // Little man not at all impressed. // We have an ornament for each animal on our tree - Saydee's got here at the beginning of December. // Sleeping so hard. // We got an Elf on the Shelf. Despite my initial hesitance, it was really fun. Can't believe I just said that.

Chestnut likes Minecraft - the kids LOVED this. // Love when wrapping paper lines up. // Chestnut left some coloring pages for the kids. // Sweet Saydee-bug. // Nick's anniversary present from me - Crabs Adjust Humidity...hilarious! // Chestnut was hiding from the cats :)

Hitched a ride on our reindeer decoration // I can't take the cutest sometimes. // Cami got both of us sick...again. // Pretty premiere stickers I made for my planner. // Chestnut loves Nutella. // Sleepy boy.

Good hair/make up day...and I survived grocery shopping with 3 kids. // Chestnut made an Uncle Grandpa book to read with his penguin friend. // Santa's so so good. // Matthew snuggling with his aunties on Christmas Eve. // My 3 little elves opening presents. It was Mason's first Christmas. // Literally one day Mason wasn't walking and the next he was. He just started walking on Christmas Eve.

Mason wouldn't fall asleep, so we took to my bed (Nick was at his mom's house) to try and get him to sleep. It worked (after the picture obviously). // Nick got me a 3ds xl for Christmas along with Pokemon Alpha Sapphire....FREAKING LOVE IT. // Saydee and the cats all sit on the heaters. We are paying to heat our animals LOL // We celebrated my mom-in-law's birthday on NYE (it's the day before) with a triple chocolate cake with red wine chocolate frosting and red wine chocolate bon bons.

How was your December?

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