Sunday, January 8, 2017

2017 Series Challenge: Starting Line

This year, I have decided to not have that big ole list in each post. If you would like to see what series I'm currently in the middle of, you can check out this page. I'm currently in the middle of 63 series - ouch. I ended up finishing/deciding not to finish and starting the same amount of series in 2016, so my number did not change.

My goal for this year is to finish 10 series. I think that is pretty manageable. If I can finish more, I would love that. I have some that I am only one book away from completing and I may work on those first.

Some series I will be reading in the first part of the year include: Southern Vampire Mystery series, Series of Unfortunate Events series, and possibly working on Anna duology, Project Paper Doll, Hex Hall, and After Eden. I will be back in the beginning of April to update my progress. I will, of course, update my progress at the beginning of each month in my TBR post!

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