Saturday, January 12, 2013

Design: The Fox Family.

I recently got my first request for blog design that wasn't from one of my besties. I was both thrilled and completely nervous.

Heather of The Fox Family was super easy to work with. She wanted a yellow, bright background - no pink though! I used Simply*Glamourous for the cursive, loopy font. I also used Trebuchet MS, Indy Pimp, and Sketch Block in her design :)

{click to enlarge}


My Favorite Part:
I love how the Meet The Family part turned out - it definitely helps that she has 
such a photogenic family. Her two daughters are little dolls.  

Make sure you stop by and visit Heather's blog! :)

If you are interested in a design by me, please visit my design page and/or send me an email. I can do a bunch of stuff - header, social media icons, signature, buttons, and even a watermark for your pictures that matches your header! All for $20. I'm mostly using this as an outlet to prevent myself from changing my own blogs, not as a job :)


Lulu and Sweet Pea said...

I love it!!!! It looks SO good

Bri said...


Heather Fox said...

Just amazing! I am happy to be your guinea pig. Ha I totally got the great end of the deal!