Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Deployment Tales: Run 4 Resilience

As the FRG Leader of my husband's company, I'm so much more involved in everything army-wise and I have to say that I'm really glad that I stepped up and took the position on. If you asked me even 2 years ago, I'd never thought I'd be where I am at today. Last deployment, there was the Walk to Afghanistan - which is still going on this time too, but our battalion wanted to do something similar just for our battalion.

One big thing that is being pushed out is resilience. Resilience is a particularly important trait during a deployment and we are lucky to have Master Resilience Training soldiers around to help strengthen soldiers and family members mentally. Our MRT soldier, SSG Boyle, is amazing. I first found out about MRT when SSG Boyle spoke at an FRG symposium and he graciously presented some MRT at one of our FRG meetings this year. He spoke to the group at our first run that got moved from May to June because of rain.

Our 2 mile run/walk consisted of finding character strength cards and discussing them. Cami had a ton of fun finding them on the trail at the on post's little piece of awesomeness, Remington Park. We're up front in the yellow shirts :)

Unfortunately we missed June's actual Run 4 Resilience because Matthew's field day got moved to the same day as the run because of rain. But I'm excited for July's where both kiddos get to join in!

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