Wednesday, March 7, 2018

My SVT Story [Part 7, 1 Week Post-Ablation]

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Friday (3 days after) - I was supposed to be back to regular routine today, but I'm still taking it easy. Eating breakfast was okay this morning. I still haven't really felt hungry or full yet, but there wasn't as much nausea or discomfort and bloating post meal. Last night I had a few fluttery type deals. I don't know if they are PVCs or PACs or both. One is a skipped beat and one is when a beat happens too quickly. I think it's the latter, but they are fluttery rather than a jolt. I know it's normal and it's gonna happen while my heart heals, but I do NOT like it. It definitely makes me feel anxious. The good news is that it isn't kicking me into SVT like it would have before. I feel my baseline heartrate has come down since being in the hospital. The wounds at my groin and collarbone haven't bruised yet and I don't feel lumps, so they are healing up well.

Monday (6 days after) - I didn't experience any irregular/skipped heartbeats over the weekend and my appetite is slowly coming back. Although over the course of the past week, I have lost 4 lbs because of my lack of an appetite. I'm sure once normal eating resumes, I'll probably gain that back. I'm still more tired than normal and hoping that kind of goes away sooner rather than later. Today is my first day home alone. Nick was able to take two PDO and then worked from home for two days, but his boss's boss isn't really the biggest fan of people working remote (even though Nick, I think, probably works harder from home because he doesn't want anyone to think he is slacking). I was hoping he could stay home today and allow me to do all the things I normally would, but just be here as a safety net. Unfortunately, I'm just flying solo today.

Tuesday (7 days after) - I did pretty well solo yesterday. I did make dinner and had one little hiccup beat near the end, so I may bring a chair in with me tonight to sit down. I think my seasonal allergies are starting to act up and irritate my asthma and I was too scared to use my inhaler last night, even though it's on my medication to continue at home list. So now I have a sore throat from hacking all night -_- Overall though, I'm mostly just a little more tired than normal and I have been having anxiety at night more than during the day.

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